Welcome to the home of
Insane Code.

We are a group of skilled developers who love creating,

as well as playing video games.


Our passion drives us to making fun, high-quality games.

Video Games

We've worked on quite a few projects for Nintendo DS/DSi/3DS/Switch, Wii and Sony PSP in the past and gained a lot of experience in the process.
Now, we can employ that experience in creating games for Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch and XBox One systems.

Mobile Application

Worry not, mobile gamers. We haven't forgotten about you. We know our way around Android, Windows and iOS based devices, and we're not going to shy out on them.
In fact, we're currently developing a few games for the Windows Mobile.

We love the challenge!

Developing games for the platforms we already know is fun, but we're not afraid of getting to know the new ones.
We value our fans and try very hard to reach them by releasing games on as many platforms as we possibly can.

NOA / NOE 7th of May 2020

Feel the 80's on Nintendo Switch! See you there! Code request, press kit and art materials are here

NOA - 14 Dec 2017, NOE 3 Dec 2017

Feel the 80's on modern devices and let this game 80's OVERDRIVE your mind with the best game design!

07 / 2015

Annoying Ball Most annoying ball ever! Now on a Windows Phone platform.

02 / 2015

Birdie The Dreamer Meet our Birdie on a Windows Phone platform.

01 / 2015

We helped our friends from REPLAY GAMES INC to release Windows Phone version of a Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded.

10 / 2014

Falling or not! Our new game for a Windows Phone platform.

2 / 2014

We finished our work with Nintendo 3DS NOJ version for Gamelion. You may find three games 9-in-1 Arcade Collection, SpeedX Hyper Edition and Pick-A-Gem.

10 / 2013

We released Archery Contests for Windows Phone and.... we got featured by Microsoft!

09 / 2013

Time to rejoice, for we've finally finished the HOME Page \(^o^)/.

We helped our friends from REPLAY GAMES INC to revive Android version of a Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded.

07 / 2013

Technically, we'll post here some newsworthy announcements. Since the projects we're currently developing are under the NDA, we need to keep our mouths shut. Don't worry, though, for we'll be sure to put the word out once the projects get released, so... umm... stay tuned?

We finished our work with next game on Nintendo 3DS for Gamelion. It's 10-in-1 Arcade Collection.